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Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine
  • Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine
  • Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine
  • Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine

Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number YS-D1200
Product Details
Automatic UV Glue Dispenser Machine For Mobile Phone Screen
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden case
Delivery Time
7-10 days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
300 SETS per month
Product Description

Customized Automatic Glue Dispenser Machine, Robot Glue Dispensing System


The floor-standing dispenser is suitable for large and heavy products such as doors and windows.
The work surface can be customized according to the product size, and the dispensing can be completed in one time to improve production efficiency.

The automatic glue dispensing machine can be programmable by English LCD display. It can quickly draw dots,lines, circles on internal and external surface,vertical plane,gap and spherical surface,etc.

It has Excellent teaching function. Support array spread,graphic browse and rotate,3D oval and common pictures insert,group edit,etc.





  • We can customize machine according to customers' need.
  • Working area can customized as per produts, such as 300x300mm, 400x400mm,etc
  • Can set dispensing volume and thickness, dispensing speed,dispensing time and stopping time




Model number YS-D1200
Working area(X/Y/Z area) 1200*1200. Can be customized.
Speed 5-8/SEC
Resolution 0.01mm
Repeatability +/-0.01mm
Display 5.7' LCD display
Control system professional 3 axis motor control system
Power 220V/50HZ 250W
Import mode teaching or file import,dxf,PLT form.etc.
Working enviroment Temperature:5-40 degree. Humidity:20-90%RH
Size /
Weight 100KG

Operating principle:


Compress the glue into the feed pipe connected to Piston Chamber by conpressing air into the glue botton(injector). When the piston is in the upstroke, the piston chamber is filled with glue.And When the piston is pushed down, the glue is extruded from the needle nozzle. The dispensing glue amount is decided by the distance of piston downstroke. The gule dispensing amount can be controlled by manual adjustment or by setting the program.




1,Stand-alone operation can work without connecting to computer, easy to install and operate.

2,PC or machine touch screen edition,precise positioning and dispensing control.

3,Can accelerate and decelerate in trapezoid and S.

4,Online teaching of dispensing and motor pattern.Can easily complete matrix copy in different path, modify offset,set calibration point and transmit program among several machines,etc.

5,Can restore multipul independent operational procedures.

6,Simple and easy programming, operation and maintaenance.

7,Can be customized at customer's request for different application.


Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine 0

Customized Floor Type Glue Filling Dispensing Machine 1


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