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RS-9800 Automatic Rotary Knife Coaxial Cable Cutting And Stripping Machine
  • RS-9800 Automatic Rotary Knife Coaxial Cable Cutting And Stripping Machine

RS-9800 Automatic Rotary Knife Coaxial Cable Cutting And Stripping Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number RS-9800
Product Details
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RS-9800 Automatic Rotary Knife Coaxial Cable Cutting And Stripping Machine




  • 1,This is a fully automatic coaxial wire cutting and stripping machine, mainly used for processing flexible coaxial cables within 0.8-4.0mm. This machine can strip max 6 layers of cable insulation, and the cutting length, the cutting depth of each layer and the stripping length can be set in the program.
  • 2,There are 2 sets of cutters. The rotary blade is used to cut through the wire sheath at the stripping position. The cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm. It can cut the wire sheath 360 degrees according to the cutting depth set in the program, so it can be precisely cut through the braid. Another V-shaped cutters to cut the wire and pull off the layers of wire sheath. Both sides of the blade edge are equipped with an automatic air blowing device, which can blow away the waste wire sheath in time.
  • 3.Cable is fed by belt. The pressure of the wire feeding belt can be set in the program without any mechanical adjustment.
  • 4. Equipped with an automatic wire feeding system, it can maintain a constant wire feeding tension, which is conducive to improving processing accuracy and stability.
  • 5. LCD touch screen make it easy to set cut length, strip length and other parameters. Machine can save max 100sets processing data, and easy to recall data.




Model: RS-9800

Display mode: Touch screen

Display interface: Chinese LCD 153mm*85mm

Applicable wire: Coaxial cable

Stripping length setting unit: 0.01mm

Cutting wire diameter range: 0.8-4.0mm

Cutting depth setting unit: 0.01mm

Stripping length: 120mm on the right, MAX45mm on the left

Weight: 100kg

Drive mode: Motorball screw drive

Stripping method: Rotating knife + cutting and stripping knife

Maximum number of stripping layers: 6 layers

Working power supply: AC220V/110V 50/60HZ

Weight: 100kg

Power: 800W

Dimensions: 650*660*400mm

Tool material: imported tungsten steel + imported high-speed steel

Working environment: -5-45 degrees dry and vibration-free work surface

Storage capacity: 100 types of processing parameter data

Production efficiency: 750-1300Pcs/h (line of sight material processing plan)




1. Suitable for precision processing of various flexible thin coaxial cables in the communication and RF industries;

2. Advanced rotary cutter head with V-shaped cutting and stripping tool makes the processing process precise and highly efficient;

3. Complete functions such as wire cutting, multi-section stripping, middle window opening, stripping with glue, long and short stripping;

4. Up to 100 groups of storage capacity, so that various processing data can be fully stored and retrieved at any time;

5. Silicone high-temperature wire, high-elastic wire, precision medical wire and high-end automotive wire that cannot be processed by ordinary wire stripping machines can be perfectly processed on this machine, absolutely No damage to the conductor;


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