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RS-302 Double Station Cable Reel Prefeeding System
  • RS-302 Double Station Cable Reel Prefeeding System

RS-302 Double Station Cable Reel Prefeeding System

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number RS-302
Product Details
Product Description

RS-302 Double Station Cable Reel Prefeeding System




1. This machine is a fully automatic wire feeding machine, which can be used with a fully automatic computer wire stripping machine to avoid the trouble of manual wire laying. You only need to fix the whole roll of wire on the wire pay-off rack, start the motor when you need to feed the wire, and the machine will automatically stop when the wire is relaxed to a certain extent. It is suitable for the wire laying of various peripheral wires such as electronic, flat wire, sheathed wire, steel wire, etc. with and without reels.

2. This machine is compact in design, and it is convenient to clamp the reel and pay the wire. When clamping the reel, it can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

3. Any type of fully automatic terminal crimping machine or computer wire cutting machine can make the matching host machine wire-breaking without resistance and feed the wire synchronously.

4. This machine is an independent machine, which does not need to be synchronously controlled with the host. It is easy to operate, convenient and applicable, and can be used with various automatic wire stripping machines from different manufacturers;

5. This machine can also be modified and customized according to the special requirements of customers, with a wire feeding speed of 1.2 meters per second;

6. Dual speed regulating motor with wire storage function, which can store 4 meters of wire;

7. The horizontal wire feeding machine is suitable for automatic wire feeding of large spool cables, with a maximum load of less than 2 tons, and it is convenient to replace the spool. It can be used with the wire cutting and stripping machine to improve the processing accuracy.

Mainly used for: high-speed automatic machines, wire cutting machines, electronic wires, wire arrangement, high-temperature wires, etc.;





Model: RS-302 dual shaft Fully automatic induction wire prefeeding machine

Power supply: AC220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ

Power: 140W

Wire spool quantity: 2

Wire feeding speed: 1 meter/second

Single spool weight: 15KG




RS-302 Double Station Cable Reel Prefeeding System 0


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