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Automatic Wire Harness Taping Machine
  • Automatic Wire Harness Taping Machine

Automatic Wire Harness Taping Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number RS-303Q
Product Details
Automatic Wire Harness Taping Machine
Product Description

Automatic Wire Harness Taping Machine




Taping machine can do full wrapping, point wrapping, and multi-segment wrapping. Controlled by LCD display and foot pedal.




Model RS-303Q Automatic taping machine
Wire diameter 3-30mm
Wire length Unlimited
Suitable tape Flannel, acid tape, electrical tape
Tape inner hoe diameter 38MM or 32MM
Tape width 5-25mm
Tape roll diameter Max 100mm
Power supply AC220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ
Function Suitable for long wires tape wrapping
Size 560x500x350MM
Weight 45KG



Wrapping types:


Full Wrapping:

Select "Full Wrapping", step on the foot switch tape to start working slowly, hold the lifting wheel to close the switch under the premise that the foot pedal is not released, and the machine enters a high state, and release the machine to stop working. (When the thread cover is left for a short time, start to pull the thread through the wheel with your hand, and touch the lift switch with the back of your hand. The wheel begins to close. If the thread is over the wheel, the working state can be modified in the parameter screen)

Point Wrapping:

To select "Point Wrapping", you need to enter the number of windings to be wound in the setting of the number of windings on the upstream point, and hold down the foot switch to start working (in this case, the foot pedal does not have to be kept on). It stops working after the number of windings.

Multi-segment wrapping:

Select "multi-segment wrapping" first, and then click Multi-Segment Settings. There are 50 segments that can be set. Set according to the length of the wire branch. You need to set several segments. The rest do not need to be set. After setting, you need to enter the number of segments in the upper right corner of the screen. Stepping on the pedal, the machine will stop automatically after the first period of operation, and the machine will stop automatically. You need to step on the pedal to enter the second period of operation, repeat the above actions.


Automatic Wire Harness Taping Machine 0


Machine video:

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