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Desktop Screw Feeding And Screw Assembly Tightening Machine
  • Desktop Screw Feeding And Screw Assembly Tightening Machine

Desktop Screw Feeding And Screw Assembly Tightening Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name RKENS
Model Number YS-L401-2
Product Details
Desktop Screw Feeding And Screw Assembly Tightening Machine
Feed And Tighten Screws
Product Description

Desktop Screw Feeding And Screw Assembly Machine




YS-L401-2 is a robot type screw feeding and locking machine. It has one screwdriver and two working table. The machine is programmable, operator just need to program it one time, then recall programs when need it. Machine can feed screws, locate screws into holes, then fasten screws. 



This equipment is used for locking screws applied in electronics, household appliances, Auto, toy industry and so on, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. Please provide relevant product information and locking requirements of you need more details.




Model YS-L401-2
Working Size 200(x)*400(Y)*100(Z) * 2 Working table
Voltage 220V/110V, 50/60HZ
Power 360W
Efficiency 3-5 second/workpiece
Import method of screw Air-blowing type
Capacity of screw pocket 8000 pcs
Customize Yes
Scope of application M1 - M6
Suitable screw head Any universal type
Size(L*W*H) 98x84x83CM
Weight 90kg



1)Wide usage, small size, convenient for product replacement.

2)High efficiency, the number of electric screwdriver of the Z axis is customizable according to customer’s requirements. Several electric screwdrivers can work at the same time, which is the work of a number of workers. For example, a desktop automatic screw locking machine with 4 electric screwdrivers can lock continually with 4 screws at one time; it can lock several products at the same time.

3)The Y axis can be made into double-station (that is, double Y axis),so the operator can load alternately.

4)Reduce the labor intensity of workers.

5)Full automatic, easy operation. A worker can manage several machines at the same time.

6)Accurate torsion, easy adjustment, accurate.

7)The air-blowing screw is transmitted to the month of the electric screwdriver directly compare with the air-breathing ones, which saves the time of back and forth and ensures the efficiency.

8)With the function of leak detection, once a screw did not fill in place it can fill continually or start alarm processing, which will reduce leak screws of the products and increase the qualified rate.


Desktop Screw Feeding And Screw Assembly Tightening Machine 0

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