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RKENS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Latest company case about Automatic Soldering Machine Introduction

Automatic Soldering Machine Introduction


Latest company case about Automatic Soldering Machine Introduction

Automatic Soldering Machine Introduction




The automatic soldering machine is an automated soldering equipment that mainly uses the motion function of the robot to complete the soldering operation. The core part of the automatic soldering machine is the soldering system. The soldering system is mainly composed of an automatic tin feeding mechanism, a temperature control, a heating element, and a soldering iron tip.


Autoamtic soldering machine has 3 types soldering method:  Spot welding, drag welding, pressure welding




Highly reliable metal anti-static mode design makes welding sensitive components safer. Light and flexible, does not take up space, temperature, tin feeding speed, tin point size is adjustable. It is easy to operate and a novice can become proficient in it in two hours, saving 50% manpower. For health reasons, please use environmentally friendly lead-free tin wire. Especially suitable for welding and docking of various electronic connectors, LED light strings, video and audio cable plugs, headphone cables, computer data cables, small circuit boards and small electronic components in the middle of the wire harness.


Industries suitable for automatic soldering machines:


1. Communication industry: Apple product data cables, HDMI, RJ45, FPC, high-frequency heads, etc.

2. Optoelectronic industry: LED display screen, LED light strip, LED rectifier, LED ball lamp, LED lamp beads, etc.

3. Home appliance industry: air conditioner remote controls, air conditioner control panels, washing machine control panels, smart locks, computer speakers, etc.

4. Automobile industry: ignition switch, automobile fuel level sensor, automobile ABS controller, navigator, etc.

5. Toy industry: toy handle connectors, smart toy PCB circuit boards, etc.


Key Features of Automatic sodering machine:


1. Instead of repetitive manual welding actions, the biggest advantage is uniform solder joints and stable quality. For some products, the efficiency will be significantly improved, tin wire waste will be reduced, and costs will be reduced in many aspects.

2. 4-axis/six-axis all-round adjustment. During welding, the soldering iron and tin wire do not need to be manually operated. Machines are used instead of traditional manual welding. The working arm can be adjusted to the best welding position for product welding operations.

3. It adopts touch screen with friendly interface, simple operation and easy control. Novices can operate it skillfully in two hours, which can save 50% manpower.

4. Automatic tin feeding system, turn on the control switch, and the tin wire will be transported automatically, at a fixed speed and quantitatively.

5. The welding temperature adopts a digital temperature control console, the setting is clear at a glance, the automatic constant temperature control mode can quickly recover and increase the temperature, and can reach 300 degrees within 16 seconds.

6. It is safer to weld sensitive components. The desktop machine does not take up space. The temperature, tin feeding speed and tin point size are adjustable.

7. The software editing function is powerful, it can easily and quickly input the soldering program required for the product, and can easily and quickly complete the program editing.

8. It has multiple functions such as spot welding, drag welding, pressure welding.


Popular Automatic sodering machines:


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4 axis: XYZU


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YS-HX542 Dual-platform autoamtic soldering machine


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