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Company news about Top 10 Best Wire Cable Stripping Machines

Top 10 Best Wire Cable Stripping Machines


Latest company news about Top 10 Best Wire Cable Stripping Machines


A wire stripping machine is a machine that strips the outer sheath wrapped around wires. Due to different wire size, insulation materials and wire type, there are Wire stripping machine types: Automatic electric wire cutting and stripping machine, multi-core cable wire stripping machine, flat ribbon cable stripping machine, electric wire stripping machine, pneumatic wire stripping machine, coaxial wire stripping machine, etc.


Instead of wire stripping pliers, these wire stripping machines makes it easier and faster to strip wires insulation. These machines are essential tools for industries that deal with wire processing and can greatly enhance productivity and quality in wire-related applications. Wire stripping machines provide numerous advantages, including increased efficiency, consistent stripping, time and labor savings, versatility, safety, and cost-effectiveness.


This article will show you top 10 best and popular wire stripping machines. Then you can have a better understanding of wire stripping machines. 


1. Automatic 14-32AWG small guage wire strip & cut machine RS-320


  • One machine can manage wire cutting and stripping at same time. 
  • Suitable for 14-32AWG electric PVC cables, Teflon cables, Silicone cables, glass fiber cables ,et 
  • The machine can cut and strip two wires at same time
  • Machine can strip wire length from 0 to 50mm. Strip length can be set.
  • Keyboard button and LCD dipaly, easy to set parameters and operate. 
  • Fast speed, high accuracy, save labor.

RS-320 wire cut strip machine



2. Multi-core cable cutting and stripping machine RS-3606C


  • Machine can cut and strip both outer and inner insulation.
  • Suitable for round multi-core cables , cable diameter: 1-7mm OD
  • Outer insulation strip length: 0-80mm. Innner insulation strip length: 0-10mm
  • Cable cutting and stripping can be finished at same time


multi-core cable strip machine


3. Flat ribbon cable cut, strip and split machine RS-330A


  • Machine works for 2-14P flat ribbon cable. Note: We need cable size for rechecking
  • Can cut, strip and split flat ribbon cables
  • Micro-computer control, buttons operation, fast speed stripping
  • Keyboard button and LCD dipaly, easy to set parameters and operate
  • Fast stripping speed, high accuracy and save labor


Flat ribbon cable strip machine

4. Automatic Coaxial Cable Cutting And Stripping Machine RS-9800


  • This is a fully automatic coaxial wire cutting and stripping machine, mainly used for processing flexible coaxial cables within 0.8-4.0mm. This machine can strip max 6 layers of cable insulation, and the cutting length, the cutting depth of each layer and the stripping length can be set in the program.
  • There are 2 sets of cutters. The rotary blade is used to cut through the wire sheath at the stripping position. The cutting accuracy can reach 0.01mm. It can cut the wire sheath 360 degrees according to the cutting depth set in the program, so it can be precisely cut through the braid. Another V-shaped cutters to cut the wire and pull off the layers of wire sheath. Both sides of the blade edge are equipped with an automatic air blowing device, which can blow away the waste wire sheath in time.
  • Cable is fed by belt. The pressure of the wire feeding belt can be set in the program without any mechanical adjustment.
  • Equipped with an automatic wire feeding system, it can maintain a constant wire feeding tension, which is conducive to improving processing accuracy and stability.
  • LCD touch screen make it easy to set cut length, strip length and other parameters. Machine can save max 100sets processing data, and easy to recall data.




latest company news about Top 10 Best Wire Cable Stripping Machines  3



5. Rotaty knife coaxial cable stripping machine-Srip max 9 layers  RS-6806


  • Coaxial cable stripping machine is mainly used for the processing of coaxial cables and special single wires
  • Rotary knife stripping method, can strip max 9 layers with changing blades
  • LCD touch screen for setting parameters. can save up to 100 kinds of processing data
  • Different models of machine can be selected according to cable size and strip length
  • It adopts a more advanced rotary tool holder to improve the accuracy and speed

rotary knife wire stripping



6. Large size new cable cutting and stripping machine for max 22mm OD cables  RS-70P 


  • Suitable for round muti-core cable within 22MM OD. Or electric wire within 70 sqmm
  • Cable cutting and stripping can be finished at same time. Belt-feeding, no pressure marks on cable
  • LCD touch screen for setting parameters, set cut length, quantity, front and rear strip length, etc.
  • Machine uses Wheels roller driving mode, for big cables stripping and cutting
  • Cable stripping length can be set. Front end 1-200MM, rear end 0.1-90MM

big cable stripping machine


7. High accuracy electric wire stripping machine  RS-G002

  • Precise wire stripping machine. Can work for Loose wires, solid core wires, single stranded wires, single core cables, wires, cables, rubber wires, PUR PVC Teflon
  • It can work for wires within 0.03 – 4.0mm² size. Max strip length: 20mm  . Can adjust the strip length according to needs
  • The main features of the machine are high precision, high efficiency and fast payback cycle, pure electricity, not restricted by air pressure.
  • Controlled by auto sensing switch, instead of foot pedal swtich. 
  • For stripping inner wires of multi-core cable, operator needs to strip one by one


latest company news about Top 10 Best Wire Cable Stripping Machines  6


8. Pneumatic Wire Stripping Machine RS-3F

  • RS-3F is a pneumatic type wire stripping machine. It is suitable for stripping inner insulation for muti-conductor cables, such as computer cable, power cable, telephone cable,flat ribbon cable,etc.
  • Operator can strip several wires one time. Strip length is easily adjustable.
  • Machine works for 0.1-0.75sqmm wires, and max strip length: 25mm
  • Controlled by foot switch. Simple operation


wire stripping


9. Automatic wire stripping cutting and tin dipping machine RS-5508

  • This machine can cut strip and tin wires. It works for AWG14-32 wires. 
  • Function: Cutting, One -end stripping, two-end stripping, two-ends twisting, one -end tinning, two-ends tinning
  • LCD touch screen for setting parameters. Can set wire length, opening length, half stripping length, twisted wire tightness, twisted wire length, tinning length, etc
  • Using a computer Type automatic detection, low air pressure, abnormal motor, abnormal belt, etc., can automatically stop when abnormal, and the detection will show the cause of the fault, which is convenient and quick to eliminate the fault.


wire cut strip and tin machine



10. Automatic wire stripping machine with cutting and crimping feature  RS-01

  • This machine can cut wires, strip wires and crimping two-ends. Cutting stripping and crimping can be finished with one machine
  • This wire cutting stripping and crimping machien is for 14 AWG to 32 AWG stranded electric wire
  • The terminal should be on tape and reel, both side-feed or back-feed terminals are OK
  • The cable cutting length and stripping length can be set. LCD touch screeen for setting parameters.



wire strip crimp machine




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