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Company news about Popular Components Lead Cutting And Forming Machine

Popular Components Lead Cutting And Forming Machine


Latest company news about Popular Components Lead Cutting And Forming Machine

A components cutting forming machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the manufacturing and assembly of various electronic components. These machines are designed to cut and shape components with precision and efficiency, ensuring their proper functionality and compatibility with circuit boards. 

According to electronic components forming requirements, there are various components lead cutting and forming machine: Some machines can only cut components lead, some forming machine can cut and form components lead.

For different components, there are different forming machines, for example: capacitor cutting forming machines, LED forming machines, transistor forming machines, resistor cutting and forming machines, etc

In this article, let's list some popular components lead forming machines. Then you can choose a suitable one for cut and form components.


1. Radial components lead cutting trimming machines


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capacitor lead cutting machine

RS-901 semi-automatic radial components lead cutting machine


  • Can work with various vibration feeder bowl for automatic feeding components.
  • For various components lead cutting, Such as capacitor, LED, transistor, inductor, bridge,etc
  • Adjustable cutting lead length, can cut leads shortest to 2.8mm.(For more shorter, we can customize)
components lead cutting machine

RS-901A Automatic capacitor/LED components lead cutting machine

  • It works for various radial components, Electrolytic capacitor, LED, inductor, hall sensor, transistors, etc.
  • The cutting length can be adjustable.
  • Feeder bowl can be customized according to customers' components. Just pour radial components into bowl, bowl will vibrate and feed components to cutter machine, cutter will cut legs to required length.
taped components lead trimming machine

RS-902A motorized 12.5mm/15mm taped components lead trimming machine


  • Automatic radial lead trimming machine for single-side belt type components. Can work for taped capacitor/LED/transistors/hall sensors, etc
  • Lead cutting length is adjustable.
  • 12.5MM and 15MM tape pitch components can not use same machine



2. Components lead cutting and forming machine


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radial components lead forming machine


RS-901K Automatic radial components lead cutting forming machine

  • Available forming shapes, bending 90 angles, front-rear kink,  cut leads only, and other customized forming shapes.
  • Available components: LED, capacitors, varistors, transistors, etc.
  • For LED, it can detect polarity. For electrolytic capacitors, it can not detect polarity.
LED capacitor forming machine

RS-901AW LED/Capacitor Lead Forming Machine

  • This machine is specially for forming LED or electrolytic capacitors. With polarity tester, it can detect LED and capacitor polarity.
  • Available forming shapes: cut leads only, cut and bend 90 angles, cut bend and kink, cut and kink, and other customized forming shapes.
  • Note: For LED and electrolytic capacitors forming, it needs different machines.


transistor forming machine

RS-920A automatic transistor lead forming machine


  • Machine can work for TO220, 92, 126,etc. This machine is specially for bending 90 degrees, front-pushing middle lead, three leads bending 90 degrees with different shoulders, etc.
  • This machine is specially for tube-packed transistors lead forming.
  • Forming die is customized according to forming shapes
resistor forming machine

RS-904 taped resistor/diode cutting forming machine


  • Machine is for tape packing resistors, diodes, and fuse and other axial componenets.
  • Machine can cut leads only, cut and horizontally bend, cut and vertically bend, etc. The forming die can be customized.
  • Machine can work for resistors/diodes within 0.35-0.8mm lead diameter
resistor forming machine

RS-904A Taped&loose resistor/diode cutting and forming machine

  • Machine can work both loose and tape package resistors/diodes/fuses.
  • Machine can cut leads only, cut and bend. Forming die can be customized according to customers' forming requirements.


resistor cut form kink

RS-907 taped resistor/diodes cut form and kink machine

  • This machine works for taped resistor/diodes/fuse with 0.5-0.8mm or 1.0-1.3mm lead diameter.
  • Available Forming Type: U shape, F shape, U-K, F-K
  • Optional feeder bowl can work for loose components


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