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RKENS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Latest company case about How to choose a suitable flexible tube/hose cutting machine

How to choose a suitable flexible tube/hose cutting machine


Latest company case about How to choose a suitable flexible tube/hose cutting machine

Do you have problems to cut flexible tubes accurately at fast speed? Cutting soft tubes manually can lead to problems such as uneven cuts, frayed edges, inaccurate lengths, time-consuming processes, and operator fatigue. Using a flexible tube cutting machine can help overcome these challenges by providing precise, efficient, and consistent cuts, leading to improved quality, productivity, and overall performance in various industries and applications.


What types of flexible tubes the machine can cut?


A flexible tube cutting machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to accurately and efficiently cut flexible tubes made from materials such as rubber, silicone, PVC, or other elastomers. There are various flexible tubes, like silicone tubes, pvc tubes, fiberglass tubes, PU tubes, teflon tubes, heat shrink tubes, foam tubes, etc.  All these tubes can be cut with the automatic tube cutting machine. 


Why you should consider using an automatic flexible tube cutting machine?


  • Precision and Accuracy: Flexible tube cutting machines are designed to provide precise and accurate cuts consistently. They use specialized cutting mechanisms such as rotary blades or laser cutting technology to ensure clean and uniform cuts. This level of precision is crucial, especially when working with delicate or high-value materials, as it helps to maintain the integrity and functionality of the tubes.
  • Increased Efficiency: Flexible tube cutting machines are designed for high-speed and efficient cutting. They can handle a large volume of tubes in a short amount of time, significantly improving productivity and reducing labor costs. By automating the cutting process, these machines allow operators to focus on other tasks, leading to overall time savings and increased efficiency.
  • Versatility: Flexible tube cutting machines are versatile and can handle a wide range of tube sizes, materials, and thicknesses. They can cut various types of flexible tubes, including rubber, silicone, PVC, and more. This versatility makes them suitable for use in industries such as automotive, medical, electronics, and manufacturing, where different types of flexible tubes are used.
  • Consistency and Quality: By using a flexible tube cutting machine, you can achieve consistent and uniform cuts across all the tubes. This consistency is crucial for ensuring proper fit, functionality, and aesthetics of the end product. Consistent cuts also minimize waste and reduce the chances of leaks or other issues that may arise from uneven tube ends.


In the following, we will show you popular tube cutting machines and how to choose a suitable tube cutting machine:


1. YS-100 /YS-100W Automatic flexible hose cutting machine with 100mm blade

  • Machine is suitable for cutting soft tubes within 13mm OD.  Operator can set the cutting length from 0.1-9999mm.
  • YS-100W is a bigger power machine with bigger motor and drive. So if you tubes are a little hard or bigger size, you can consider YS-100W. 


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2. YS-100WH tube cutting machine with 100mm blade

  • YS-100WH Machine can work for flexible tubes with max 22MM OD. Operator can set the cutting length from 0.1-9999mm.
  • If you have tubes from 0.1 to 22mm, YS-100WH is a good choice. It can cut both big and small tubes without changing any parts. 
  • If your tubes are big, and can not be pressed too much, we can make grooves on roller. This can avoid pressing marks on tubes. 
  • According to your tube material and size, we can make fixture to make a better straight cutting-edge.

Tube cutter machine



3. YS-160/YS-160W/YS-300W tube cutting machine

  • YS-160/YS-160W blade length: 160mm   YS-300W blade length: 300mm
  • If your you want to cut flat materials, like poly sleeves, flat shrink tubes, hook and loop tape, copper foil, etc. And the materials are wider than 100mm, you can consider these cutting machine with wider blades. 
  • Automatic cutting and feeding, and cutting length and quantity can be set. Machine will stop automatically when cutting is finished. 
shrink sleeve cutter tube cutting machine


4. YS-1650E Big Foam/PVC Tube Cutting Machines with belt feeding

  • YS-1650E is a belt-feeding tube cutter machine. It can cut big size tubes or tubes which can not be pressed. The cutting length can be set from 0.1 to 9999mm adjustable.
  • It can cut for tubes with max 50MM OD. For bigger tubes, we can customize machine.
  • Adopting two motors and four drives, feed material by belts. Material will be fed accurately without being distorted. Suitable for foam tubes, seal strip, Air conditioning insulation tube, corrugated tubes,etc.

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Tube cutting samples 

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